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Pearls of Wisdom newsletter, Issue #0018
July 19, 2006

Welcome to my "Pearls of Wisdom" e-zine.

Thanks for signing up.

I'm having a blast working on my website:

Summer time...and the living is easy. Wow...not that there's not work to do around here...there's plenty of that...but I sure do love jumping into our pond to cool off.

Once again our pond has been a great summer gathering place.

This week some friends from Norway are coming to visit. Let me see...with their 6 kids and the 6 we still have at home (Anna just returned from South Korea)...just how many does that make? Well...a happy house full to be sure.

Anyway, down to the business of pearls.

I've finally learned how to add my neat pearl harvesting videos taken on my trip to China last fall. You won't want to miss these! Believe me, you've never seen anything like this before. Click on the photos outlined in blue. 7 Pearl Harvesting Videos

(Links on this page open up new windows.)

Are you brave at heart with nimble fingers? I've added ribbon pearl necklace kits. Several colors of ribbon are available. Pearl Ribbon Kits

Love to make and design your own jewelry? I'm now selling some beautiful, yet affordable, loose pearls for your own creations. They're in lots of 12, 30 or 90 pearls. Loose pearls

Want a gorgeous ribbon pearl necklace all set to go? Our friend, Laura, is modeling a new longer 6 strand style for you. Laura, by the way, is soon on her way to Columbia to teach English. 6 Strands of Ribbons and Pearls

Looking for more great quotes which include pearls? Pearl Quotes

Those babies of yours are sure cuties! Email or send me photos of your baby wearing my pearl baby bracelet and I'll include them on this page. Pearl Babies

Love coin pearls? Here are some new styles. White Coin Pearls

My first white pearls page is getting sort of crowded, so I've started a second page with snappy new styles. Zippy White Pearl Styles

Enjoy these triple drop pearl necklaces for only $10! Want to get started with pearls or looking for a special gift (silky gift bag included)? I still have a few of these in white. $10 Pearl Necklaces

Friends of ours, Abigal and Brian just had a new baby, Joel...and it once again reminds me that children are a gift from God, and who wouldn't want a gift from Him?

God bless...until next time,


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