"Great White Shark" Red Abalone Pearl

Great White Shark Abalone Pearl

Great White Shark Abalone Pearl

Great White Shark Abalone Pearl
Great White Shark Abalone Pearl
Great White Shark Abalone Pearl
Great White Shark Abalone Pearl

Type of pearl: Red Abalone Pearl

*Carat Weight: 54.6cts

*Shape: That of a great white shark

*Size: approx. 3 inches x 1 inch

Location of Origin: North California coast

Unique Features: Looks almost exactly as great white shark

Price: $12,500

Contact Kari to purchase this pearl. Mention "Great White Shark".

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Sep 16, 2015
Thank you for your comments
by: Kari

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you very much for your comments. These are important issues that need to be faced concerning natural pearls and natural resources.

The information is useful and informative. Much appreciated!


Sep 15, 2015
Can this legally be sold?
by: Anonymous

Where did you get this? If it was from a wild abalone you may be in violation of CA law to try and sell this.

From the California Department of Fish and Wildlife:
Question: I saw an abalone pearl for sale on Craig’s List. Is this legal? I always thought no part of the abalone may be bought, sold, traded or bartered when taken under a California sportfishing license. What does the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) and California law say regarding abalone pearls? My understanding is the pearl is not part of the mollusk but instead a foreign object that got stuck in the gonad or between the shell and the meat. Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer: You are correct. Unless the abalone was taken by licensed California commercial divers prior to the 1997 commercial abalone fishing ban, or purchased from a commercial abalone aquaculture operation, then it is a violation to sell the shell or any other part of the abalone. It is legal to import the pearls for sale if they comply with the commercial fish laws regarding importation. Therefore, it would be incumbent for the jeweler/individual offering the pearl for sale to have documentation that they obtained the pearl legally.

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