Natural Pearls for Sale

"The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking natural pearls, and upon finding one natural pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it."

Here you will find non-cultured, natural pearls and natural pearl jewelry from around the world. I, Kari Anderson, GIA pearls graduate, offer natural pearl jewelry and loose natural pearls from the Persian Gulf, USA Rivers, Quahog, Conch, Abalone, Saltwater, African, Blue Mussel, Clam, Melo, Pen natural pearls and more. Below is a sampling of natural pearls available. Check out links in nav bar for complete listings.

conch pearl
Conch Pearl

Color: Light Pink
Shape: Oval
Weight: Approx 4 cts
Size: 9 x 9 x 8mm
Metal: 10K Gold
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Price: $596 SOLD!

conch pearl
Conch Pearl

Color: Tutti-Fruti - Mixed
Shape: Fat ovals
Weight: Approx 170 carats
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Price: $102,000
Contact Kari to purchase this set of exceptional conch pearls.
usa pearl
Most Beautiful Pearl

Color: Purple with overtones of green & pink
Shape: Round with slightly flat bottom
Weight: 4.65 carat
Size: 8.5 x 8.5 x 8mm
Certificate: GIA 6183768227
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Price: $10,260
Contact Kari to purchase this pearl.

Natural Pearl
Natural Pearl

Type of pearl: Natural USA Freshwater
Carat Weight: 8.05ct
Shape: Button
Size: 11 x 11.4 x 8.6mm
Color: White
Certificate: GIA certificate available upon request
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Price: $6,725

 natural Pearl
Natural USA Pearl

Color: White
Shape: Oval
Weight: 23.65 carats
Size: 18.9 x 15.85 x 10.4mm
Certificate: GIA certificate available upon request
More Photos
Price: $6,725
Natural Pearl
Natural Pearl

Type of pearl: Natural USA Freshwater
Carat Weight: 13.55 carat
Shape: Button
Size: 14.1 x 14.1 x 9.6mm
Color: White
Certificate: GIA certificate available upon request
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Price: $9,800

"I don't always buy pearls, but when I do, they're Karipearls!"

Natural Persian Gulf Pearl
Basra Seed Pearl (PASS)
More photos
Weight: 104.15 Carats (20.81gm)
Shape: Semi-baroque and baroque
Size: Approximately 2.0 mm
Color: Light cream to cream
Clasp Metal: 21K gold
Certificate: Bahrain - Report P15-5293
Price: $2,785
Natural Persian Gulf Pearl
Basra Pearl Ring
More photos
Weight: 8.14 Carat
Shape: Baroque
Size of Pearl: 14.21 x 10.20 x 8.38mm
Color: Light greyish-cream
Clasp Metal: 18K gold
Certificate: Bahrain - Report 09-3142
Price: $7,280
Natural Persian Gulf Pearl
Basra Pearl
More photos
Shape: Rounded, oval and button
Size: The largest pearl measures approximately 5.1 x 5.1mm
Color: White and light cream
Clasp Metal: 18K gold
Certificate: Report P15-4365 An even colorization enhances the beauty of the necklace.
Price: $8,500

"I don't always buy pearls, but when I do, they're Karipearls!"

Join folks on their accidental finds of natural gems and see their treasures.

Since time eternal these gifts of nature have symbolized the zenith of quality...nothing excels these gems either metaphorically or naturally.

Read about my visits to famous jewelry stores and pearl farms around the world.

Find poems, send free e-cards, research and keep up with current news...all right here in one convenient place.

These gems have stories to can read about the gem Cleopatra is said to have eaten, history of famous ones, about early developmentof the current industry, learn to knot them...and even read about those in current events.

On my site you can learn about vintage shell buttons and see examples of a large variety of colors and sizes from Muscatine, Iowa, former Button Capital of the World.

You won't want to miss this happy button jewelry collection...pieces of American history you can wear and enjoy.

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Catalog Natural Arabian Gulf Pearls (Basra Pearls) for sale
My hand picked catalog Natural Arabian Gulf Pearls (Basra Pearls). I include a Gemological Certificate for every item.
Natural Freshwater Pearls
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Quahog Pearls for Sale
Quahog pearls for sale...pearls from eastern USA. Three lavender disk shaped quahogs for sale.
Natural Abalone Pearl Pendant & Loose Pearls for Sale
Exquisite antique natural abalone pearl pendant surrounded with leaves of colored gold and loose abalone pearls for sale.
Saltwater Natural Pearls for Sale
Saltwater natural pearls for sale in a variety of sizes and shapes.
Antique Natural Pearl Jewelry
Exquisite antique natural pearl jewelry - necklaces, rings, brooches. Certificates included
African Mozambique Pearls for Sale
African Mozambique Pearls for sale.
Blue Mussel Pearls for Sale
Natural blue mussel pearls for sale from northeast North American continent.
Natural Clam Pearls for Sale
Large selection of natural clam pearls from various species for sale.
Natural Cassis Pearls for Sale
Purchase natural, rare cassis cornuta pearls from the comfort of your home.
Melo Pearl for Sale
Melo pearl for sale.
Pen Pearls or Pin Pearls
Natural pen pearls from the <I>Pinna</I> genus or <I>Atrina</I> of which there are 25 known species.
Spiny Oyster Pearls
Spiny Oyster Pearls for Sale
Natural Blister Pearls for Sale
Natural blister pearls for sale. Pearls found attached to the inner surface of the shell are known as blister pearls.
Natural scallop pearls for sale
Natural scallop pearls for sale.
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Characteristics of Pearls
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Natural Pearls -- What Exactly Are They Anyway?
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Pearl of Allah
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Information on Pearls from Ancient Times
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Natural Pearls in History Byzantium
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Visiting a Pearl Farm
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Kuwait Dhows from Pearling Days
Four Kuwait dhows used for pearling are on display at the Marine museum in Kuwait City. Links here to pages with photos, diagrams and descriptions about each dhow.
Pearl Clamming and Pearl Button Clamming
How was pearl clamming done years ago on the upper Mississippi River? Find out here and see a realistic diorama of a clamming camp.
Free Diver Diving for Pearls
Enjoy a video of a free diver and others diving for pearls in the Persian Gulf.
Princess Diana owned and wore this pearl studded dress.
Imagine wearing a dress covered with oyster pearls like this dress worn by Princess Diana. Princess Diana commissioned this dress in 1989.
Pearl Restaurant in London is decorated with "pearls".
Try the Pearl Restaurant for a snazzy place to dine in London. The Pearl Restaurant is close to London attractions.
Vermeer Girl with a Pearl Earring and Other Paintings Containing Pearls
View and read about three paintings by Vermeer which contain pearls...learn details about Vermeer himself.
Pearl Stories and Jokes
Here you can read pearl stories and jokes. AND you can send me YOUR pearl stories, jokes, ideas, thoughts, etc, etc. I'd love to add them to my site for all to enjoy
Meaning of Pearls
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Pearl News As It Happens
Pearl news --keep up to date on current pearls in the news and be able to comment on some of the saved news items.
Pearl Visions -- Photos by Kari of KariPearls
Enjoy this page of digitially altered pearl visions or images of pearls that are made to look like watercolor paintings. Also links ot more pages of my pearl photographs.
Free Pearl ECards
Now, send free pearl ecards from Use some of my spectacular photos to cheer or shock your friends!
A Pearl Video Index of a Growing List of Videos on
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Pearl Buttons
Learn about pearl buttons and mother of pearl with several links to mother of pearl pages and mollusk recipes. Learn about the former button capital of the world, Muscatine, Iowa.
Muscatine Button Stories
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