Imperial Vestments of the Holy Roman Empire with Pearl Embroidery

Imperial Vestments of the Holy Roman Empire...wish I had photographs.

The imperial vestments used in the coronation ceremonies of the Holy Roman Empire, were produced in the celebrated Hotel de Triaz, at Palermo, Roger II, King of Sicily (1096-1154), after a victorious campaign in Greece, brought back with him to Sicily a number of skilled silk-weavers and embroiderers, whom he established at Palermo.

The imperial mantle is of brilliant purple and bears an inscription, embroidered in gold and pearls, stating that the garment was made in the royal manufactory in the year 1133. Two pearl-embroidered representations of a lion, which has stricken down a camel and is about to tear it to pieces, also appears on this mantle. This symbol of royal power was used frequently by the Saracens, and it is said that Richard Coeur de Lion had this design embroidered on his saddle cloths.

Information on the Imperial Vestments of the Holy Roman Empire as recorded in 1908 by Kunz and Stevenson in "The Book of the Pearl".

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