King Crab Pearl?

by Terri Lester
(Naples, Florida)

Pearl or Not?  King Crab Pearl

Pearl or Not? King Crab Pearl

January 2008 -- I don't know if this is a pearl or not. We were eating King Crab legs at a restaurant in Naples, Florida and my mother bit into this little round ball. It looks like a scallop pearl to me but how would it have gotten into a King Crab leg? Do you know if this is a scallop pearl?

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Feb 24, 2016
King crab pearl
by: Anonymous

Found one at Mr. Fish restaurant in Myrtle Beach 2 days ago.

Feb 13, 2016
king crab pearls
by: Anonymous

This morning i found 4 from 1 leg. 1 is white the other 3 are a beautiful purple. Amazing!!

Jan 21, 2016
Price for the king crab pearl.
by: Anonymous

My son found one too. Who have the price for this.

Jun 10, 2015
King crab pearl
by: Anonymous

We found one too.

May 12, 2015
snow crabs pearl
by: monica

found a pearl while eating snow crabs how can i sell it....

Dec 31, 2011
"Crab Pearls"
by: Cherie

It's New Year's Eve 2011 and I just found a "pearl" in the leg of my snow crab leg. It's about 2.5 mm, off-white and somewhat imperfect, but hey, I think it's pretty cool! At first, my family didn't believe me, but we looked it up and sure enough....

Aug 07, 2011
King Crab Pearl?
by: Anonymous

My husband just handed me a pearl that he got out of his King Crab cluster! Do King Crabs make pearls & how much are they worth?

Mar 06, 2011
King Crab pearl
by: Dave

2/14/11 purchase very large king crab legs from Price chopper in CT,
one of the legs has a 1/4 inch pearl at the base
thought it was weird looked online about it and found this website, Crab pearls

Jan 01, 2011
King Crab Pearl
by: Sundancer1954

Its New Years Eve 2010 and we were eating King Crab Legs that were in the freezer awhile and I bit into the meat and almost broke my tooth and I pulled it out and was a pearl...Kind of pinkish,lavendar then turned white.\
Are they worth anything?

Nov 05, 2010
yes there is value
by: jacob

there is some value to these extremely rare finds you have to find the right ppl though these "crab pearls" are actually eggs tht never detached and the shell grew around them and calcium has built up around them if you find one KEEP IT!!!!! if you want more info my email is cracky2012(AT)yahoo(DOT)com this is a rare thing so consider yourselves lucky send me an email with the subject of the email as "crab pearls" i'll tell you everything

Aug 08, 2010
Crab pearl?
by: Rob

I was eating King Crab legs with my son today and bit into something hard. I dug it out of the meat and found something that looked just like a pearl, but not completely round and looked kind of ugly, and had a slightly reddish it valuable? who buys them

I was wondering what other people had done with their "Crab Pearls," and what I should do with mine.

- Rob

Jun 11, 2010
Crab Pearl found!
by: mklein

I feel like I have just joined some weird club (like people who have been abducted by aliens). I just found a crab pearl. Ugly thing cause mine is not perfectly round, Has a red tint to it. The size of Washingtons Head on a Quarter. I would say it looks more like a tumor..

Nov 15, 2009
King Crab Pearl
by: Dan B.

I hope it isn't worth anything as I split it open, a dark hard surface inside. I was eating a salad at the time so thought it a hard pea or bean, but nope, it smells like crab! I hope it isn't a tumor from a cancerous crab?!!

Jun 07, 2009
King Crab Pearl
by: Laurie

Hi. Did anyone ever find out the value of the King Crab Pearl? I found one last night and was wondering because I can't seem to find anything about the value on line.


May 25, 2008
Pearl worth anything?
by: Terri Lester

Does anyone have a clue if these pearls have some value? Is there a pearl expert out there that could give us some information? Many of us are interested.
Thank you.

May 09, 2008
King Crab Pearl
by: Lee

I too have one, what are they worth, is this rare?

Eating King Crab and bit into it tonight

Mar 14, 2008
Thanks for sharing
by: Kari

Terri, I'm just realizing how large your find is and wondering what you have decided to do with it?

I've added your submission to this new catagory for "crab pearls" because of getting more stories about finding these in addition to your own.

Have you shown it to any jewelers? What comments have you gotten about it?

Thanks for sharing your story.

Please keep us informed if you gather more information about your discovery.

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