La Regente Pearl
From France to Russia...with love?

La Regente Pearl has decorated Empresses and Princesses.

This name was bestowed upon a big, ovate pearl which was in the collection of the French crown jewels.

This pearl, which weighs 337 grains, was furnished in November, 1811, by the court jewelers, Messrs. Noitat, for a tiara, worn by Marie Louise, Empress of France.

By order of the emperor, Napoleon III, the pearl was taken out of the tiara and mounted, in August, 1853, by the Paris jeweler Lamounier into a brooch.

This great brooch, with "La Regente" as the central gem, was bought by Faberge & Company of St. Petersburg, Russia, for the Princess Youssoupoff at the "Vente des Diamants de la Couronne" in 1887.

As recorded by Kunz and Stevenson in "The Book of the Pearl".

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