Natural Basra Pearl Pendant

Natural Basra Pearl Pendant

Natural Basra Pearl Pendant

Natural Basra Pearl Pendant
Natural Basra Pearl Pendant Certificate

Type of pearl: Natural Pearl

Carat Weight: 3.20 carat

Shape: Baroque

Size: 9.86 x 8.37 x 6.19 mm

Color: Light cream

Location of Origin: Bahrain

Clasp Metal Type: 18K gold

Certificate: Bahrain - Report P15-3042

Price: $880

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Not at this time.
by: Kari

At this time I do not have.

by: Anonymous

Thanks Kari for your revert.

I require undrilled pearl and not even partly drilled.

Do you have pearl which is more than 2.5 carat and is undrilled with similar or less price?

Would appreciate a quick revert...

by: Pendant owner

1- This pearl is part-drilled its written in the report.
2- The weight of this pearl is also mentioned in report which is 3.20 carats.
3- Total weight of the pendant with pearl is 1.33 grams, {only 18k Gold metal weight is 0.69 grams}
4- Yes, i am sure this pearl can be used for Astrological purpose as it is fully grown pearl. It also has an advantage of skin touch, since its set in a pendant. But if you want, you can also ask an astrologer for his advice.

by: Anonymous

Can you please confirm if this is drilled or not?

Pearl carat weight
by: Anonymous

Hello Kari


On description it says 3.20 carats but on certificate it dosn't seemed to be 3.20 carat.

1.Can you please confirm weight (carat) of pearl.
2. weight of 18k gold used?

Can this pearl be used for astrological purposes???

Looking forward to your revert.

Best Wishes

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