Natural Freshwater Pearl in Shape of Fish Studied by GIA

Fish Shaped Natural Pearl

Fish Shaped Natural Pearl

The New York lab recently examined a unique fish-shaped brownish orange pearl measuring 21.34 × 6.28 × 2.81 mm and weighing 2.12 ct.

The entire nacreous surface was composed of overlapping platelets. We observed no indications of work, such as polishing, that is sometimes performed to improve a pearl’s appearance.

One end was wider and more rounded, which bore an uncanny likeness to a fish’s head, with an “eye” and “mouth” also discernible. The lustrous orient along the body narrowed to a rounded point, resembling iridescent fish scales on a tail.

Natural pearls are often baroque, and American freshwater pearls in particular are often found as elongated “wing” pearls (J.L. Sweaney and J.R. Latendresse, “Freshwater pearls of North America,” Fall 1984 G&G, pp. 125–140).

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