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Pearls of Wisdom newsletter, Issue #0026
July 06, 2007

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We had a great 4th of July celebration here in the USA. It's one of my favorite big meal to prepare, no gifts to buy...just a relaxing cookout with friends, parade and fireworks...what could be better!

On my trip home to Minnesota I viewed some gorgeous natural pearls from Lake Pepin...Wow!

Here in Muscatine, Iowa, folks talk about peeling pearls they've found in the Mississippi River. Ever wonder what that meant?

Pearls and Roses....inseparable beauty queens. Looking for a special dessert for a romantic evening? Try Candied Rose Petals.

Finally, pearl bracelets that fit perfectly every time. Pearl Wrap Bracelets add elegance without the guesswork.

Man cannot live by bread alone...give him a few oysters and clams too! Join this happy poster chef as he shares his shellfish recipes.

Find more great recipes on my husband's website:

I photographed this ancient pearl necklace at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Learn more about pearls in ancient Egypt.

Imagine my shock when a local golf pro asked me to design him a pearl necklace! Pearls on men...not as unusual as you may think. could the lowly mussel form a bond between my childhood home and present home? Wonders never cease.

Our 7, yes, 7! children have all been super helpful with my growing pearl business. Find out what makes Ethan, our second son, tick.

Sale! Sale! I've dropped the price, for awhile, on this Pearl Sampler Necklace. Can't decide which pearls to buy? This fun necklace, of my original design, has a happy mixture! Matching earrings included.

Do you have interesting pearls or a "pearl experience" you'd like to tell about on my site? Just drop me a note.

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There's always something new on I am having a blast making this website!

Remember...a righteous man/woman will be blessed!

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