Purple pearl found in raw cherrystone

by Wilson
(Melrose, MA)

Purple pearl found in cherrystone clam

Purple pearl found in cherrystone clam


I happened to be at a well known seafood restaurant in Melrose, MA called Turner's Fisheries and ordered a dozen raw cherrystone clams like I usually do as cherrystones are one of my favorite foods. As I ate one of them I thought I may have felt a piece of shell in the meat of the clam but when removing it and taking a closer look, I realized I had a dark purple pearl! The owner happened to be there and he came over and took a look and confirmed that what I had was indeed a rare cherrystone/quahog purple pearl! I know a jeweler in Salem who I'm going to to have it appraised. Any idea of how much a pearl like this is worth? Thanks!


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