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Pearls of Wisdom newsletter, Issue #0022
November 30, 2006

Welcome to my "Pearls of Wisdom" e-zine.

Thanks for signing up.

I'm having a blast working on my website: and I'm looking forward to many cozy days writing more pages on my laptop in front of our blazing wood stove during the cold days ahead. (I'm never quite prepared to enter this blistery time of year here in Iowa...)

Here are my latest pages and since Christmas is commmmmming you need to check out my pink pearl necklaces for which I've lowered the prices. (Don't shipping, free silky gift bag and a full return policy if you're not delighted.)

These pearls have both beauty and affordability...that's why I picked them.

I recently donated a necklace of these pearls to a NPR radio station in New York and they wrote back saying: "The necklace is gorgeous!"

Another super deal is this dainty lavender and pink interchangable pearl necklace . It can be worn over seven different ways and was designed by my practical daughter, Sarah, age 14...who is super excited to be turning 15 in two days.

The low price for this neat necklace may shock you!

So why was my visit to a store selling Mikimoto pearls in Glasgow, Scotland the shortest ever?

Faux pearl jewelry...we all have some in our jewelry boxes. Find out how it can be used to prompt memories and help us get to know each other better.

Pearls... the most popular royal jewels are seen frequently in the new movie, The Queen. I saw this in Dublin, my insights about it.

Speaking of royal jewels, you'll love my photos of the Buckingham Palace Pearl Shop in the back gardens of Buckingham in London. If you're like me, you've always wondered what was "back there".

Well, I finally got to find out and if you're REALLY curious, visit our family website and see photos of Buckingham Palace's back gardens and lake.

While we're on the subject of royalty I spotted this plate of Princess Diana in the delightful B&B I stayed at in Perth, Scotland.

When in London, here's a snazzy Pearl Restaurant where you can enjoy a tasty meal and elegant atmostphere. Tell Russell Cocks, the manager, that KariPearls sent you.

So, what was the Island of Margarita like in the 1930's? I talked with a man selling cashmere in the Minneapolis airport recently who is from Venezuela and he said the island is still an important place for pearls.

If you've ever wondered about the processes for creating man made shell'll enjoy reading about them on my site. Thanks to Can Phu Company in Vietnam for sharing this information.

I value each visitor...thanks for being one of them!

Remember that Jesus is no longer just a babe in the manger. He's ruling, reigning and answers prayer!

God's richest blessing to you and your families at this Christmas season,


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