Buy a Mikimoto Necklace with Discount Mikimoto Certificates

Sorry, This Offer Is No Longer Available

A Mikimoto necklace -- Wanting to invest in one? Waiting for a sale?

Save 10% on genuine Mikimoto gift certificates that you can use on Mikimoto purchases in any official Mikimoto store.

Discounted gift certificates starting at $1,000 and up to $14,737 can be purchased through me here at

Go ahead, check out how much you'll need for that special Mikimoto necklace, or other items of your choice at a official Mikimoto store, then come back here and buy a certificate at 10% off. For example, you can purchase a certificate worth $2,000 for only $1,800, or one for $3,000 for only $2,700, or one for $4,000 for only $3,600 and so on.

You pay only 90% of the face value of Mikimoto store credit.

Did I strike up a deal with Mikimoto to get this discount? No, but a friend of mine decided to return a Mikimoto necklace (a Christmas purchase) and was issued Mikimoto store credit, which he is now willing to sell at a 10% discount....hence, a blessing for you!

With his store credit, he can buy Mikimoto gift certificates for other people. He can buy these certificates in any amount, all the way up to $14,737.

So, think about a high-end Mikimoto necklace you've been wanting to purchase at $14,737....Now, on that purchase, you can save $1,473. That's a chunk of savings!

Or in any amount, starting at $1,000, my friend is offering to sell you, at 10% off, a discounted certificate. Buy $1,000 of store credit for only $900.

A Mikimoto necklace is investment jewelry.

I've visited twenty Mikimoto stores, or stores that sell Mikimoto necklace, the world over -- Tokyo...Paris...London...Seoul...New York...and the jewelry they sell is truly incredible. (Find my complete list of store visits here.

I especially enjoy seeing their one-of-a-kind traveling showcase Mikimoto necklace pieces which would be a wise investment for anyone who can afford them.

Sorry, these certificates at 10% off are no longer available.

Find an official Mikimoto store from this list of addresses and phone numbers.

Or, you could always stop in to see me at our sheep farm in Muscatine, Iowa. Let me know you're coming and you can join us for a lamb stew supper. My husband has some great recipes on his GrassFed Recipe site.

Read about my world travels on our family site.

Purchase a Mikimoto necklace at bottom of this page.

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