Cost of Mikimoto Pearls at the Galleria Department Store in Seoul, Korea

Ever wonder what the cost of Mikimoto pearls are when they're one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry and the best in the world?

Galleria Department Store/East
2 Floor, Luxurious Good Hall, Apgujung-Dong
Galleria Department Store/515 Apgujung-Dong
Kangnam-gu, Seoul 135-902
Republic of Korea
Phone: (+82)2-544-9584
Mikimoto Galleria Seoul

The Galleria Department Store consists of two buildings across the street from each other. Shown here is the WEST building.

I saw the cost of Mikimoto pearls at this Seoul Galleria Store which is located in the EAST building second floor which also can be reached on street level.

Every time I visit a Mikimoto store I learn something. At the Galleria store Ji-Sun Lee, a kind clerk, explained about "Mikimoto Tour Jewelry." The Galleria Store has several one of a kind "Tour Pieces." She said other stores in the Galleria Department complex also have tour pieces.

If you've ever wondered about the cost of Mikimoto pearls, these tour pieces are some of their most expensive jewelry and I list many prices here. These prices are converted from Korean money, so they are approximations.

The most stunning tour piece is a lovely one-of-a-kind akoya pearl and diamond party necklace with rays of pearls and diamonds falling off a pearl necklace. It sells for about $113,000.

A party ring of eleven pearls accented with diamonds is about $20,000 and a fancy brooch is approximately $37,500.

Another tour product was a conch pearl and diamond (total of five carats) for about $110,000. Earrings with conch pearls were from $30,000-40,000 and more rings for $7,000.

Tour products stay for about six months and then move to a new location. I asked about several other stunning pieces and yes, they too were tour products.

The Mikimoto pearls Seoul Galleria store had one baroque necklace which consisted of two necklaces joined together at the clasp. They can be worn separately. One larger baroque Tahitian pearl drop was on each chain and sold for about $19,000. Baroque earrings sold for about $32,000-51,000.

The cost of Mikimoto pearls in an elegant golden South Sea necklace for $94,000 caught my eye and after looking intently at it and not seeing any knots I asked if there were knots. This is another thing I learned at the Mikimoto pearl Seoul Galleria store...the Mikimoto jewelry in Korea and Japan don't use knots! I was so surprised. I'd always associated knots with quality and certainly I was now looking at some of the highest quality pearl jewelry in the world which had no knots.

Ji-Sun Lee said, "Americans like knots but we think they distract from the beauty."

"Do the pearl scratch one another," I asked?

"No," replied Ji-Sun Lee.

I admit that the closeness of these gigantic pearls did enhance the beauty, which has caused me to reconsider knots myself. I'm going to start offering a "no-knot" option for my pearls as well...."Mikimoto style."

The cost of Mikimoto pearls in another tour piece which included a large South Sea pearl on a diamond chain was $100,000.

No tiaras were on display here, only a large poster of one.

This Galleria sign is also on the WEST side of the street across from where the Mikimoto store is located.

In spite of all the tour jewelry available Ji-Sun Lee said their most popular item is a simple strand of white akoya pearls with pink overtones.

It was a real treat to see all of these one-of-a-kind Mikimoto pearl Seoul Gallarie store jewelry pieces...a rare find.

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