Princess Diana Picture
Wearing the Pearl Dress

Enjoy this Princess Diana picture of her wearing the pearl dress or Elvis Dress, as it is also called.

A few days after I'd seen a Princess Diana dress at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, I breakfasted in a room with this Princess Diana plate where she's wearing the same dress.

Also, note the large pearl drop earrings she's wearing.

Princess Diana Dress of Pearls
Princess Diana Dress of Pearls

The Inchview Bed & Breakfast, near the station in Perth, Scotland accommodated me for my two days in Perth where I enjoyed seeing the Abernathy Pearl, a famous natural Scottish pearl.

I always find it hard to leave places like this.

In the small cozy breakfast room hung this Princess Diana picture. Being an American, I enjoy seeing the love and loyalty some British people have for their royalty by hanging pictures of them in their homes. (Although I also spoke with some Brits who are not so loyal.)

The owner of Inchview was glad to let me photograph this Princess Diana plate. She served a wonderful hot breakfast of eggs and sausage with hot tomato and beans and lots of toast and jam. A great start for a long day.

Princess Diana Picture
Princess Diana Picture

Several golfers were also staying here...I could hear them coming back in the wee hours in very loud happy moods...some of them sheepishly apologized in the morning. They told me Perth has an amazing island golf course. Did you know that golf was invented in Scotland?

The Inchview B&B also had lovely sets of thistle salt & pepper shakes, flower vases, etc. on each table. And I now know the thistle is the Scottish flower. (I asked.) I'm glad someone appreciates this bloom. Maybe their thistles aren't as, well, invasive, as ours. My husband gets us all working furiously every summer to rid our farm of these things. Personally, I love the purple color. And I also realize there are several varieties of thistle.

Princess Diana Plate
Kari looking at Princess Diana Plate

I think for many, as this Princess Diana photo shows, she will always be Diana the people's princess no matter what. It's hard to change some things. She's remembered for being lovely, kind, personable, of the people.

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