Szentendre, Hungary
Jewelry Museum

Jewelry museum in Szentendre, Hungary, is one of those "must see" places!

At the jewelry museum, after a delightful and very well done historical video about Hungarian jewelry, we viewed these life sized mannequins....this one portrays St. Stephen, the first king of Hungary.

St. Stephen is wearing the Holy Crown which is on display in the elaborate parliament building along the shores of the Danube River.

Hungarian King
St Stephen First King of Hungary Wearing a Crown Photo by Kari

Jewelry Museum Hungary
Jewelry Museum in Hungary Photo by Kari

Hungarian Queen
Hungarian Queen Photo by Kari

St. Stephen united Hungary and encouraged Christianity.

Hungarian Photo by Kari

There was a time in the history of Hungary when monks were the only ones allowed to make jewelry.

Hungarian Monks
Hungarian Monks Making Jewelry Photo by Kari

That was before the skill of cutting stones was developed.

Jewelry Museum Hungary
Caprice Jewelry Museum Photo by Kari

Children of nobles would often receive a pearl necklace as a young child.

Jewelry Museum Hungary
Jewelry Museum in Hungary Photo by Kari

Natural pearls played a prominent part in early jewelry.

Jewelry Museum Hungary
Jewelry Museum in Hungary Photo by Kari

The Caprice company in Hungary has put together a wonderful free museum for all of us jewelry lovers.

Jewelry Museum Hungary
Jewelry Museum in Hungary Photo by Kari

The day I visited these work benches were empty...but the display rooms were filled with marvelous designer pieces.

Jewelry Museum Workshop
Jewelry Museum Workshop Photo by Kari

Caprice Ad
Caprice Ad Photo by Kari

Szentendre is easily reached by train from Budapest and it's a good idea to plan for a day or at the very least a few hours. There are endless shops and wonderful museums of many sorts.

Caprice Flags
Caprice Flags Photo by Kari

Before catching the train back to Budapest, we enjoyed a walk along the Danube which was richly decorated with colorful flowers.

Caprice from Hungary
Caprice Jewelry Museum in Hungary Photo by Kari

View photos of the official Hungarian crown.

See photos of pearl jewelry in the Szentendre Jewelry Museum here.

Read historical accounts of pearls in Hungary.

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