12 pearls found in one oyster

Keely Hill's natural pearls (photo by Chris Granger)

Keely Hill's natural pearls (photo by Chris Granger)

“It was such a bizarre experience,” said Keely Hill. On a Saturday afternoon in early December, the 32-year-old kindergarten teacher met up with friends over a few raw oysters at Superior Seafood in Uptown New Orleans. When they got to the very last one, everyone agreed that Hill should go. After all, she’d ordered the last half dozen.

“I bit into it and said, ‘What is this? What’s that? “Hill remembered.” I bit it in half and felt them on my tongue, “she said, referring to the hard, BB-sized balls she’d encountered.” I definitely ate one, I crushed it with my teeth, ”she said.

As cautiously as possible under the circumstances, Hill tended the miniature marbles from her lips to the palm of her hand. There were twelve, tiny, uneven pearls. She had heard of oysters who had found one of the little treasures. But 12?

he darkest pearl in the pile somehow slipped away and hit the ground. “There we were on the ground trying to find it,” said Hill with a laugh. But it escaped like the Black Pearl, the ship in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” she joked, referring to the Disney adventure film.

The waiter from Superior Seafood was amazed at the tiny accumulation of balls and reported the incident to the restaurant manager, who came to the table to see the fund with his own eyes.

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