15+ ct Clam Pearl Drop Shape with Flame

15.6ct clam pearl drop shape with flame

15.6ct clam pearl drop shape with flame

Type of pearl: Saltwater Clam Pearl

Carat Weight: 15.6 ct

Shape: drop

Size: 11 X 16 mm

Color: white with flame

Location of Origin: Indonesia

The pearl has a silky glow all over it's body. The surface on the smaller side has 5 tiny light yellow dots but they don't dominate at all. The surface there looks slightly rugged but glitters nicely. The pearl reminds a bit of a gooseberry with it's veins visible by spot light. They don't look like fractures and are not. The shape is very beautiful and harmonious.

This pearl comes from Indonesia, from the island Sulawesi. Found in the waters of the Molucca Sea.

Price: $1,205

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