$15,000 Pearl Lost During Photo Shoot

$15,000 Pearl Lost During Photo Shoot

Whilst working on location for the new perl'eco by Atlas South Sea Pearls campaign, the Perth-raised, New York-based photographer, Russell James, accidentally returned one of the rarest types of pearls back to where it came from, and it wasn't the boutique.

James' usually cool, calm and collected attitude took a back seat when he was forced to dive into the ocean to save $30,000 worth of pearls at a Santa Monica beach.

"We got so absorbed with what we were doing, we had the two pearls together on the sand when a huge wave came up behind us and smashed down and just washed out the pearls and the next minute the pearls were swept out to the ocean, Russell has thrown his $20,000 camera in the air and dived into the water," Mr Birkbank said.

The photographer who was dressed in his usual uniform of thongs managed to locate one of the pearls which landed on the ocean floor but after an hour of diving in the rising swell, was unable to find the other.

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