15mm.. ocean side find..not sure...

by Dee

What could this be?

What could this be?

During a fishing trip on Vacouver Island, I was excited to explore the shoreline as the ocean has always facinated me.

This find really stood out !!
In all the broken shells, that have been smoothed from the ocean, this round..well almost round object was soo bright compared.

When i picked it up it felt so smooth compared to all other fragments of shells etc that I was digging through.

I instantly grew excited as nothing else compared, for instance white rocks were really rough and shell pieces were misshaped and flat..

What do you think? There is a slight hint of a green swirl running through it, as well as what appears to be some kind of a swirl like a very small seam on a portion of one side (couple of millimeters, swirl like). There are extremely tiny little pit like marks.. I would think floating around rough water could do this..

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May 27, 2013
Hard to tell
by: Kari

Hi Dee, It's hard to tell from a photo. I does look like a possibility. I can see why you were excited. The only way to tell for sue is to have some folks who know something about pearls see it in person. Hopefully some jewelers in your area could tell you for sure or at least give an educated guess. You might have to try quite a few jewelers before finding someone who is familiar with pearls. Try some local mom & pop place rather than mall jewelers. You could always compare it yourself to other pearls in stores to give yourself a better idea. It's a nice piece, no matter what it is and a nice keepsake regardless. Thank you for sharing!

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