2000 year old Golden pearls Unearthed in Guangzhou, China

2000 year old Golden pearls Unearthed in Guangzhou, China

On Sept. 19, a multi-faceted and hollowed-out golden ball with hundreds of sesame-sized golden pearls affixed to the surface was excavated in Guangzhou city.

The golden ball was unearthed in a large brick and wooden structure early Eastern Han Dynasty tomb together with 111 sets of burial accessories.

It was also inside this tomb that archaeologists unearthed the greatest number of bronze wares out of all the Eastern Han Dynasty tombs discovered in Guangzhou in recent years.

Gardens and Cityscape, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Gardens and Cityscape, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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The most valuable of burial accessories was the pearl-encrusted golden ball, which, according to experts on site, was probably imported from abroad by the Maritime Silk Road at that time.

It was reported that a sword measuring more than 1 meter long decorated with jade was especially noticeable in the male master’s coffin. Working staff said such a long sword was quite rare, so the man in the coffin was probably a prominent general.

It was also reported that as many as 11 copper and iron weapons, including swords, spears and halberds as well as a copper cross-bow, which was the most lethal long-range weapon in those times, were excavated.

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