26+ Clam Pearl with Flame

26.8ct clam pearl with flame

26.8ct clam pearl with flame

Type of pearl: Saltwater clam pearl

Carat Weight: 26.8 carats

Shape: bouton pearl

Size: 14 x 15 mm

Color: white with flame

Location of Origin: Indonesia

An impressive and very rare non-nacreous pearl from the giant clam, having a white porcelain surface. The veins create natural look and blend well as they swirl around the body. Flame stands out well. Polar swirl, flashes of blue and pink iridescence, translucency, and mixture of flame structure towards the perfectly-radiated bottom, lustrous. Altogether a perfect example.

This pearl comes from Indonesia, from the island Sulawesi. Found in the waters of the Molucca Sea.

Price: $3,120 SOLD!

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