30 Foot String of Pearls

30 Foot String of Pearls

“It’s wonderful to come around the corner and see that 15-ft. shirt and 30-foot string of pearls hanging from the ceiling.”

Another way to view her “scale” of artwork is to see her installation at Tilles Center for the Performing Arts. It is called Nite Out, and it looks as if it represents “Mr. and Mrs. First Nighter” getting ready for a night out at a concert with the iconic pearls for the wife and the white dress-shirt and bow tie for the husband.

Jerelyn Hanrahan is an artist with a sense of humor. She is also an artist who creates both large and small scale projects. You are part of her current public art project, to create a series of graduated pearls that will become a “string of pearls” forming a bench, at Theodore Roosevelt Beach to be temporarily located in the area from the concession stand to the flagpole. People will be able to see them from about Memorial Day to the Oyster Festival, said Tracy Dellomo, Main Street Association economic restructuring committee chair.

Read more about the string of pearls bench project and see a photo of the 30 foot string of pearls.

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