Stephanies Pearls

Stephanies Pearls...Learning to Trust God as a Little Child

Stephanies pearls as submitted by Chelsey Lynds

A little girl, named Stephanie, and her father went to the dollar store one Saturday morning to spend her well earned 25 cents from chores.

Just as Stephanie is about to buy a pack of water balloons, she spots the most beautiful pearl necklace she had ever seen. Enamored by its beauty, she checks the price and finds that they are 5 whole dollars.

She then decides that she will work twice as hard during the week and save up her money to buy it.

For five weeks she works and saves! Saturday finally comes, so her and her father head first thing in the morning to the dollar store. They get there a couple minutes before the store opens.

Filled with excitement, little Stephanie can barely sit in her seat. Then, just as the CLOSED sign is flipped to OPEN, Stephanie dashes into the store, snatches the pearls off the rack, and proudly slaps her five dollars on the paying counter.

In the car, she could not take her eyes off of her pearl necklace. Her father smiled at her delight.

Weeks and weeks go by. Stephanie wears her pearls night and day. She feels like a princess at school.

One night after praying with Stephanie and tucking her into bed, her father asks Stephanie, "Do you love me?" "I love you Daddy."

"Will you give me your pearls?"

Stephanie gets a gross feeling in her stomach. "No Dad. I want them! Please can I keep them?"

Her father agrees and and kisses her goodnight.

The very next night, after praying for Stephanie and tucking her into bed, he asks her, "Do you trust me?"

"I trust you Daddy."

"Then will you give me your pearls? Stephanie, I know you love them but may I have them?"

"No Daddy! I really love them."

Her father kisses her goodnight and smiles.

Stephanie gives a lot of thought to her father's request the next day and restless back and forth about it. She realizes that she loves her father way more than the pearls and suddenly feels glad to give them to him.

That night, as her father is kissing her goodnight, Stephanie reaches out her hand with the pearls and says,"Here Daddy."

Her father with a smile stretching from one ear to the other takes Stephanies pearls then reaching into his pocket brings out the most beautiful pearl necklace.

Stephanie gasps. The pearls on the necklace were all the colours of the rainbow!

"It's the real thing Steph! I love you! Now you have pearls that suit my princess."

"Thanks Dad!" Stephanie gives her dad a big hug.

Stephanies pearls...the real thing. Now....what can we all learn from Stephanies Pearls?

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