Abalone Delicacies in Shanghai

From June 5 to 30, the chef de cuisine of Shanghai Court, Win Hsu, will showcase his culinary skills as he prepares a series of abalone dishes in authentic Shanghainese style, including braising, frying or steaming, resulting in dishes full of flavour.

Double Boiled Baby Abalone Soup with Dried Halibut and Clams

Dried halibut is usually used when making Shanghainese food, as its salty flavour plays an important role in enhancing the natural flavours of the other ingredients. Chef Win cooks the dried halibut in chicken broth to create a richer taste and then clams are added with fresh abalone, producing the best flavours from the seafood and chicken essence.

The Abalone Delicacies at Shanghai Court set menu is available for NT$3,200 per person.

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