Abalone Robbie Torrise

Product profile: Abalone, when cooked, is milky-moist, tender and mild, somewhat like lobster, though sweeter to the sophisticated palate. Taste-wise, abalone is also a distant cousin to the squid. Cultered abalone may be slightly more tender than wild. Frozen abalone meat should be firm, like an ivory colored hockey puck. When thawed, it should have nearly no aroma. Cooked abalone appears in various shades of white.

Cooking tips: Shuck live abalone with a wide spatula placed between meat and shell. Trim viscera and fringe, then slice and lightly pound with a wooden mallet until tender. Do not over pound; you will shred the meat. It should be cooked very briefly (20 to 30 seconds per side) or the meat will quickly toughen.

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