Learn about Mikimoto pearls grading system.

About Mikimoto Pearls...what do their grades really mean?

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The international community has not standardized a grading system for pearls...although many are working on it.

Certain countries such as Japan and Tahiti do have standards.

To learn about this famous company's grading system I've provided a link to their site.

Only the top 3-5% of all Japan's cultured pearls are good enough for this company.

There is nothing like going right to the source to find out facts.

Here you can find the details about this company's grading system.

I hope this helps you understand Mikimoto pearls and their grading system.

As a "fan" of baroque pearls...(ones that aren't perfectly round), this grading system is encouraging...showing that it's not always the shape or roundness that gives a pearl its high quality.

On another page I tell about seeing a very expensive baroque necklace at the Mikimoto store in New York City.

Don't be afraid to buy or sell baroque pearls...they are becoming very popular, especially among young shoppers.

My son's 22-year-old friend, Emily, just told me two days ago, that she prefers the ones that aren't perfectly round..."They look more real", she said.

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