Abrolhos Islands, Australia, reveal pearls of opportunity

Abrolhos Islands, Australia, reveal pearls of opportunity

TRIAL tests into the viability of Akoya pearl industry have shown strong commercial potential with the Mid-West region poised to capitalize on demand from international markets.

A four year trial test has recently been completed, providing a comprehensive analysis of factors affecting the successful production of pearls, including environmental, husbandry practices, technician routines and site variations.

The $686,000 research project was funded by the Australian Government through the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

The results demonstrate that overall, revenue per pearl could be expected to increase significantly through a commercial scale approach to a level that is much more acceptable to pearl farmers and to financial analysts.

Fisheries Minister Norman Moore says the Abrolhos Akoya Pearl Project demonstrates the benefits of collaboration between pearl producers, scientists and specialists.

Testing the commercial potential of Akoya pearl oysters has demonstrated the future potential for production of high-quality pearls for the region, which will enable WA producers to capitalize on the pearl market, he says.

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