Affordable Pearl Necklaces

You'll love the original designs of these affordable pearl necklaces.

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Every Woman Deserves Pearls


5 strands of natural colored 4-5mm lavender pearls accented with 31 white coin pearls.
Length: 23.5 inches
Matching earrings of 4-5mm lavender pearls and 2 coin pearls each.
Sterling silver decorative safety clasp
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Sorry, this style is no longer available.

I never get tired of looking at these gorgeous lavender pearls. Yes, they're lavender, but so much more...metallic iridescent colors. Each one is unique.

The contrasting white coin pearls add zip to these pearl necklaces. They can be worn either twisted or untwisted.

"KariPearls Original," necklace designed by Kari, earrings by Sarah.


Single strand of alternating 6.5-7mm black and 6mm white freshwater pearls.
Length: 18 inches
Matching dangle earrings
Magnetic clasp

Sorry, this style is no longer available.

You can see by the closeup photo of these pearls that they have a clean, smooth and shiny surface.

The black and white combination in these affordable pearl necklaces will add zest to your wardrobe.

A "KariPearls Original" designed by Sarah.


Mixture of freshwater pearls of white, black, pink and lavender.
Various pearl sizes ranging from 4mm to 9mm plus coin pearls.
Matching dangle 3 pearl earrings
Sterling Silver lobster clasp
Length: 23 inches

Sorry, this style is no longer available.

This happy one-of-a-kind necklace is a super fun mixture of freshwater pearl samples, including white coin pearls, black, lavender, pink and white pearls of various sizes.

We'll make sure each of these affordable pearl necklaces is unique...similar to this one, but each a one-of-a-kind original.

A "KariPearls Original" designed by Kari.


7.5-8mm pink pearls alternating with 5.5mm pink pearls
Matching dangle pierced earrings
Length: 50.5 inches
No clasp

Sorry, this style is no longer available.

This pearl rope can be worn several ways, have fun experimenting with it.

Natural pink freshwater pearls are beautiful (see the beauty in the close up photo). The contrasting sizes in these affordable pearl necklaces adds lots of pizazz.

A "KariPearls Original" designed by Kari


5 white coin pearls with white baby seed pearls hung from a sterling silver chain and lobster clasp.
Length: 18.5 inches
Matching dangle earrings with one coin pearl and seed pearls.

Sorry, this style is no longer available.

Romantic. Beautiful. Affordable Pearl Necklaces.

A "KariPearls Original" designed by Kari.

You'll be sure to please your sweetheart (or yourself) with these great new designs from us. My daughter, Sarah, and I had a blast thinking up stunning looks. Five of the six designs are "KariPearls Originals."

Help me choose natural pearls after viewing affordable pearl necklaces.

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