Allure of Pearls at Smithsonian Institute

See gorgeous colossal pearls at the Allure of Pearls at Smithsonian Institute.

Alluring pearls you will see at the Smithsonian website are the following:

The Christopher Walling Pearl

187.5 carat Abalone Pearl

The Hope Pearl

450 carat large natural pearl belonging to Henry Philip Hope

Pearl of Kuwait

64.4 carat natural pearl from the Persian Gulf

Paspaley Pearl

60.9 carat cultured South Sea Pearl

Pearl of Asia

600 carat natural pearl from India

Black Beauty

Vibrant 6.5 carat natural black pearl from South America

Paspaley Drop Shape Pearls

Australian natural drop shaped pearls 18.8 carats each

Conch Pearls

Two conch pearls at 17.9 and 22.4 carats

Survival Pearl

90.4 carat natural pearl from Tennessee River

Queen Mary Brooch

Conch pearl brooch from Europe

Drexel Pearl

33.8 carat natural Polynesian pearl set by Cartier

La Peregrina

50 carat Panama Gulf pearl owned by Elizabeth Taylor

Pearls of great price happen rarely--enjoy them at the Allure of Pearls at Smithsonian Institute.

If you ever get a chance to see a large pearl collection...jump at the chance. When traveling be sure to scan the news for jewelry displays in the area where you are traveling. I happened upon a very large exhibition in Tokyo that way once.

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