Amazing find of 7 pearls in my first time trying a raw oyster!

by Sue
(Millington, Tn)

7 Natural Pearls in One Oyster

7 Natural Pearls in One Oyster

While on vacation with my boyfriend in Destin, Florida last week (June 2009), we ate at The Crabshack. He has been introducing me to new things and ordered 6 raw oysters on the half shell...I have never had them before and was hesitant but when he placed the oyster on a cracker and put it in my mouth, as I chewed, I bit on something hard and to my surprise pulled out a small pearl about the size of a BB.

As I then continued to chew I pulled out 6 more pearls from this one, first-time oyster!

The other pearl, the size of a BB, is irregular shaped, kind of oblong with a brown ring around it. The other 5 are very tiny varying in color.

I am curious as to how rare a finding this is and am trying to figure how to display them as in jewelry or something.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Jul 07, 2009
Oh my!
by: Kari

Oh my, Sue...what are the chances? I hear from so many people who have been hoping for years to find a pearl. One lady had been looking for 40 years. And you find 7 in your first oyster. Yes, that's amazing!

Maybe you could find a vial to put them in and wear them on a chain. I gave my daughter a vial of tiny natural saltwater pearls on a silver chain for her last birthday. It's a great way to enjoy several smaller pearls.

Thanks for sharing and for adding a photo too. It always helps when we can see a photo of the exciting find.

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