An Old Pearl Necklace, Persian Gulf Pearl?

by Jane
(San Jose, California)

An Old Pearl Necklace - Persian Gulf Pearls?

An Old Pearl Necklace - Persian Gulf Pearls?

My grandpa was a Jeweler in 1930s and had a shop in Shanghai, China. He lost his business after 1949, but he managed to keep part of his treasure and passed those to my father in 1970s.

When I came to USA 20 years ago, my father gave most the treasure to me, along with this pearl necklace.

When I got it, the silk thread that strung the necklace together is already broken, too old. I took it to a local jewelry shop in San Jose and they restrung for me for about $100. The clasps are original.

I heard it was mentioned that the pearl was Persian gulf pearl, but didn't quite understand it until I saw the pearl necklace and bracelet Kari has online. The shape and the gentle reflection of the light all looks alike. Each pearl has sense of translucency,which I am not sure if captured in the picture.

When my grandpa passed the treasure to my dad, he provided a list of estimated value for each item. For this string of pearls he estimated 10 oz of gold at 1970s, which is two times more value then an 1.6 ct Diamond ring in the pile of treasure. The pearl string has total 61 pearls and weight more than 40 grams, very large pearls, with good color and even size.

I told Kari about this pearl and she suggested this place for me to share my story and picture with all other pearl lovers. I am glad I can do this.

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Nov 10, 2018
by: ahmad

IWonderful pearls have an old collar dating back to BC

Oct 25, 2016
pearl necklace
by: Tere

I have a pearl necklace looks almost like yours.
It was a gift from a friend of mine.

Feb 27, 2015
by: Federic

This necklace seems to be really precious. It is antique and we know that pearl is very costly and it is hard to find original and natural pearl.

Nov 01, 2012
my bracelet matches your necklace to a teee
by: Anonymous

Hey guys I have a bracelet that looks the same. I got it from my mum I researched on Google and for hours and your photo was the only one that matched myn i was woundering could u tell me more about this type of bracelet that i have. The link is the same the pearls and the colour

Apr 27, 2011
how does the clasp work
by: derl

I have my grandmother's old necklace. It has a clasp which appears very similar to the one pictured here. I am wondering how exactly you get the things to stay together, I'm having some difficultly and feel a little silly about it. Any help would be greaat.

Jun 04, 2010
Neat pearl treasure
by: Kari

Jane, What a neat treasure you have there! It's a gorgeous necklace with history. I love history of things which to me adds much value. I'm sure that having a grandfather who was a jeweler has given you an appreciation for fine jewelry. I hope you are wearing and enjoying your natural pearl necklace. Do you have any photos of your grandfather's jewelry store in Shanghai in the 1930's? Thanks for letting us also enjoy your lovely necklace treasure.

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