Ana Maria Pearl

Ana Maria pearl

Ana Maria pearl

When is a single pearl worth millions? First, it has to be natural. Natural pearls are the exceedingly rare and basically extinct species that yield prices in the millions at auction. In 2011 a natural pearl known as La Peregrina sold at Christie’s for $11 million. In 2007 the famed Baroda natural pearls went for $7 million.

The Ana Maria Pearl with an estimate of $1.5 million. The Ana Maria, which dates from the early 16th century and has been in a noble Spanish family for centuries, is a remarkable and possibly once in a lifetime jewelry specimen.

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Basel, Switzerland—The Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF said it has, for the first time, radiocarbon age-dated a historic natural pearl.

The Swiss lab said it used carbon-14 to determine the approximate formation date for the “Ana Maria Pearl,” which is set to go up for sale at Christie’s May 15 jewelry auction in Geneva.

Once owned by Ana María de Sevilla y Villanueva, XIV Marquise of Camarasa (1828-1861), the pearl is presumed to have been discovered during the Spanish conquest of
the Americas in the 16th century.

According to SSEF, data from the radiocarbon analysis puts the formation age for the Ana Maria Pearl between the 16th and mid-17th century, which aligns with its documented historic provenance.

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THE ANA MARÍA PEARL NATURAL PEARL, EMERALD AND DIAMOND BROOCH-WATCH Slightly baroque drop-shaped natural pearl of 30.24 carats, carved emerald, vari-cut diamonds, mechanical movement, 7.1 cm, detachable pearl and diamond pendant 4.2 cm, movement signed Audemars Piguet SSEF, 2019, report no. 105957: 30.239 carats, saltwater natural pearl, Appendix letter, dated 16th - mid 17th century AD GIA, 2018, report no. 6193364095: 30.24 carats, saltwater natural pearl, no indications of treatment Provenance Ana María de Sevilla y Villanueva, XIV Marchioness of Camarasa (1828-1861) upon the marriage of Jacobo Gayoso de los Cobos y Tellez-Girón (1816-1871) Francisca de Borja Gayoso de los Cobos, XV Marchioness of Camarasa (1854-1926) Maria Josefa Fernández de Henestrosa y Gayoso de los Cobos, XIII Marchioness of Cilleruelo (1893-1986) upon the marriage of Don Pablo Martinez Del Rio y Vinent (1893-1983) Thence by descent to the present owner

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