Antique Triple Natural Saltwater Pearl Ring

Antique Triple Natural Saltwater Pearl Ring

Antique Triple Natural Saltwater Pearl Ring

Type of pearl: Natural saltwater

Carat Weight: 3.3 grams (weight of ring with pearls)

Shape: Off-round

Size of pearls: 6.55mm to 6.84mm

Color: White

Location of Origin: Not specifically known, but most likely Persian Gulf

Metal Type: 14K white gold (tested)

Certificate: EGL, New York City, no. US57173402P

This beautiful antique ring is simple and elegant -- it's all about the pearls! Three WHITE (much rarer than cream) pearls are set in an engraved white gold mounting, dating to about 1920. The pearls are of excellent size -- each more than 6.5mm -- and near round. They have a lovely soft, moonglow luster, with some surface "blemishes" normal to the formation of a natural pearl, but no brown spots or anything that detracts from their individual beauty.

The ring is a size 8, easily resizeable by a jeweler experienced with pearls. Of course, the original certificate will accompany the ring.

Price: $2,300 SOLD!

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