Have You Found a Natural Arabian Gulf Pearl?

The waters of the Arabian Gulf are famed for their natural pearls.

Natural Arabian Gulf Pearls
Natural Persian Gulf Pearls Photo by Kari

Thoughts of Persian gulf pearls immediately conjure up pictures in one's mind of treasure chests brimming with luxurious pearl jewelry mixed with diamonds, emeralds and rubies...the stuff of fairy tales, but it is only a fairy tale?

Natural gulf pearls are among the finest in the world and are still being found today in the many countries that surround the gulf such as the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman.

If you have found a natural gulf pearl please share it along with its detailed story.

Do you have a Natural Arabian Gulf Pearl?

Please share with us your natural Arabian Gulf pearls.

More Natural Arabian Gulf Pearls

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Kuwaiti Pearl Treasure 
Hi See my collection of Kuwaiti pearls The collection is from 25 years of diving in shallow waters of Kuwait coast in old known place that my grandfather …

Old Natural Pearl Necklace 
Hi I am Pankaj from India. We had been hearing of these Basra pearl sets belonging to our family for long.These pearls were sold to my grandma's …

Bahrain Pearls 
It's 8.30am and Bahrain's gentle winter sun plays on the water as our boat pulls away from the jetty. Our hopes are high for a good catch: not of fish, …

Basra Pearl 
Hi, I am Adarsh from India, I was searching for natural pearl from a long time. Everyone told me that it was very difficult. One day when …

Lucky Pearl Finder in Kuwait 
Between 1978 and 1982 we lived in Kuwait and our son in law was a professional diver and introduced us to finding natural pearls in the waters off Kuwait. …

Natural Arabian Gulf Pearl 
Together with a couple of friends, we do lots of pearl diving in Kuwait (Arabian Gulf) as a hobby. The picture is just one of the pearls we found back …

2 Rare Basra pearls Found in Bahrain Not rated yet
A Bahraini diver, Sanad Abdullah bin Juffin, found two rare pearls, weighing 18 carats and 9 carats respectively, in the northern oyster beds (hayrat) …

Natural Pearl found in Oysters in Dubai Not rated yet
I have found one round golden color pearl in Dubai. The pearl is the same which is shown under your website under title freshwater. How much will …

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