Are Golden Pearls Natural?

Are Golden Pearls Natural?

Gold pearls or golden south sea pearls are a relatively new entry that is taking the world of jewelry by storm. Almost all South Sea pearls are produced by silver-lipped oysters, which produce white, cream and pink pearls. However, golden pearls are produced by golden-lipped oysters. Thus, gold is a natural color. Golden pearls can be farmed only in the tropical warm waters of the South Seas. In the past, you could find golden pearls only in Burma. But these days, you find them in the waters around the Philippines, Japan and to a lesser extent, Australia and Indonesia.

Golden pearls have been accepted with great warmth and love. Gold colored natural pearls are in fact very expensive because many people consider them extremely sophisticated. Even amongst golden pearls, there are the more expensive and the less expensive variety. Those golden pearls that have a deeper sheen and look like gold command a high price. Those with a more subdued sheen resembling champagne are comparatively less expensive.

The size of golden pearls is quite impressive, with smaller ones starting from 9 mm and the bigger ones touching upwards of 17 mm. Consider yourself lucky if you get a rope of perfectly rounded golden pearls, because that necklace has been a long time in the making! But, even the baroque and semi-baroque shaped pearls are quite popular with consumers.

These days, golden pearls are becoming more popular than white and cream pearls. This is because of the stunning luster and beautiful sheen they exhibit which makes them the stars of the pearl community. Little wonder then that these pearls have become something of a trend in exotic jewelry, loved and coveted by many celebrities. Another reason why celebrities prefer golden pearls is their rarity. These pearls are just beginning to capture the market, and are therefore hard to find. A strand of golden pearls can therefore be a very pricey affair for most people. Why, a top strand of commendable size may sell for more than a million dollars!

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