Aussie black mussel pearls

by pj sarna

Aussie black mussel pearls

Aussie black mussel pearls

When I was a kid I used to go fishing at my secret spot in Tasmania and shuck mussels for bait and cooking on the fire most of the time I would find some black pearls being a kid thought nothing of it 20 years later I told my wife and she wanted some so I went back and the mussles are still giving pearls but there not all black now and the funny thing is that Tasmania has no national pearls. According to marine Biologist only farmed ones and the odd one coming from abalone yet there has not been one time when I didn’t get some long story short what would be the net worth of them all in the pic. Is it worth jumping in ice water for them?

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Feb 13, 2018
Oh, wow, natural pearls from Tasmania
by: Kari

Hello PJ,

Wow, I love hearing about pearls from all over the world. Thanks for writing and for the photos of your blue mussel pearls.

Your pearls are quite small and really don't have a high monetary value unless of course you had lots and lots of them, but I would say they are certainly worth jumping into the ice water for them.

Any natural pearl is a least that is my opinion. Maybe even as a memory or memento but still a treasure.

I'd say, "Go for it." especially if you enjoy it and it brings happy memories and natural pearls your way.

Tiny pearls can be drilled but you could also put them into a tiny bottle on a necklace to enjoy them.

Thanks again. I really enjoyed seeing and hearing about your adventures.

I regret not visiting Tasmania when I was in Australia, it's always fascinated me...maybe next time!

God bless, Kari

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