Backyard Unearthed Giant Clam Pearl

by Mariah

Hi Kari,

I just want to share this story about what I unearthed. Actually it has been unearthed 5 to 7 years ago. I just keep it for decoration purposes. By the way the giant clam as time it was unearthed looks likeit has some sedimentation on its shell and in front of it. When i was about to think of some ornamentation in my garden i thought of cleaning it. Grinding its sedimentation, polishing with steel brush just for the intent of having a shell form. Here during this time i noticed it constantly looks brilliant white and more ivory on its inner shell. I thought for a shell but i see it was very thick for a shell. It had some curve protrusion. I then consider investigting more about what i found. Recently news in my country had covered illegally traded "giant clam pearl" that looks like mine. I know this is illegal in my country to harvest giant clam but this thing it wasn't harvested so i considered it not illicit. Then i continue researching about pearls. In fact there have been authenticated giant clam pearl in our local show which looks like mine and also it was unearthed in his backyard. So along my researches, i found sources that some shown "pearls" are fake because it is only the shell of a giant clam. But I think mine is not purely shell because I can remove its shell apart from its "flesh" and I refer it "pearl" as per reference from those news and authentication.
Then I found your website, so i decide it to share what I found with this domain.
Thank you.

P.S. I included Marking in my photo.

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