Bahrain Pearling Expedition

New dhows to lead Bahrain pearling expedition.

TWO newly-built dhows are set to lead an annual expedition that aims to keep Bahrain's pearl diving traditions alive.

The vessels, which were gifted to Muharraq by His Majesty King Hamad, are being built in the traditional style of local pearl diving boats.

They will include all tools used by divers in previous times, as fishermen seek to bring one of Bahrain's traditions back to life.

The event is part of the annual Pearl Diving Day, also known as Dasha Day, which has been organised by the Muharraq Governorate for the last five years.

It follows directives from His Majesty to preserve the area's heritage.

Muharraq Governor Salman Bin Hindi said the royal gesture would help enhance the importance of preserving Bahrain's traditions.

"The new dhows were built following traditional methods and will include everything old vessels had during that period," he said.

"However, it will feature the latest motors, to be installed in the dhows."

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Watched dhows being built
by: Kari

I have watched the amazing boat builders in Bahrain building dhows. They use no pattern but build as they were taught by their fathers to build with very few and simple tools using many very odd shapes of wood. I was fascinated.

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