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Exciting Bahrain Pearling Project!
by: Kari

This new pearling project in Muharraq, Bahrain is very exciting to me. I can't wait to the see finished project. I will visit for sure!

Bahrain is one amazing place. I so enjoyed seeing builders make the dhows, from scratch, without blueprints, patterns or much modern equipment. I did see a chain saw or two. Their skill at boat building which has been passed down from generation to generation is a treasure in itself! They took what appeared to the novice to be scrap wood and build an amazing sea worthy vessel. And to think they were not doing this for a tourist show, but for real! I don't even know if most tourists know about the boat building going on in Bahrain but I was fortunate to have a very informative taxi driver who insisted on showing me many interesting places. If you go to Bahrain, be sure to hunt down the boat building yard!

I have so much more information and photo to add to this stay tuned!

Enjoy my Bahrain shopping experience on video.

None flammable torches burn at Bahrain mall.

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