Baku Apartment

So, what is a Baku apartment like? Glad you asked. I loved sitting by this gorgeous natural gas fireplace....a work of art in itself, plus, it kept me warm.

I could just take things like this home with me....silly, I know, even to think such a thing, but this fireplace was so beautiful.

And the natural gas just added to the romance of being in Baku. Natural gas and Baku just go together.

Baku natural gas fireplace
Baku Natural Gas Fireplace

The Baku kitchen was basic, but had lots of maneuvering room and boy did Elnur's mom and cousin ever whip up tasty meals! I was almost always overwhelmed and of course, there were some that required tasting again and again and seeing me reach for more and more of a particular food always brought smiles to their faces.

Elnur's mom is a school teacher, which is one reason he thought we'd get on so great. I was hoping to visit her school, but she decided to stay home and cook me local foods.

Baku Kitchen
Baku Kitchen

I wasn't used to the alcohol which was served at every meal, can you imagine, champagne, wine and vodka as a regular fare at each meal? I think these were all in my honor, and not normally daily luxuries.

Kari in Baku Apartment
Baku Apartment

Here you can see the lovely shelf in the living room which covers one wall. I was all decked out and ready for a day "on the town" here in Elnur's mother's full length leather coat.

It was a little breezy when I was there and I wished I had brought a full length coat, the wind off the Caspian sea wasn't exactly tropical.

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