Basra Pearls to be Defined as Pearls from Arabian Gulf

Basra Pearl Bracelet

Basra Pearl Bracelet

Basra Pearls to be Defined as Pearls from Arabian Gulf.

CIBJO’s Pearl Commission discussed the terminology used to describe different types of pearls and agreed that amendments need to be defined to increase transparency in the industry and for the public.

For example, where place names are mentioned in connection with natural pearls, it was recommended that an article governing the use of such terminology be created. For example, a “Basra Pearl” would refer specifically to a natural pearl from the Arabian Gulf.

Clause 4.2.7 of the Pearl Book that currently describes the use of the word “pearl” without qualification was also discussed but no resolution was reached. It was proposed that a forum of key players in the international pearl industry convene within the next six months to continue discussions and try to reach a consensus.

It was agreed that a short document that extracts the salient points from the Pearl Book would be drawn up to give the trade a ‘Quick Reference Guide’.

Next year’s annual congress will be held in Vicenza, Italy, in May and will coincide with the town’s spring jewellery trade show, Vicenzaoro Charm.

More about Basra pearls to be defined as natural pearls from the Arabian Gulf (Persian Gulf).

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