Beat Pearls Before Swine Game

Beat Pearls Before Swine game...learn my easy steps to outwit the nasty pirate.....let me know if you've come up with another combination. read on to learn how to win!


Pirate's Booty on Mississippi River

The Pearls Before Swine game is a game of "NIM", a two-player mathematical game of strategy in which players take turns removing objects (pearls in this case) from distinct heaps.

A normal play game may start with heaps of 3, 4 and 5 objects:

Nim has been mathematically solved for any number of initial heaps and objects; that is, there is an easily-calculated way to determine which player will win and what winning moves are open to that player. In a game that starts with heaps of 3, 4, and 5, the first player will win with optimal play, whether the misère or normal play convention is followed.

OK....are you tired of losing? Here's How To WIN!


1. Take 2 from A (top row of 2).
2. Pirate takes 1 from B (second row of 4).
3. Take 3 from C (botton row of 5).
4. Pirate takes 1 from B.
5. Take remaining pearl from A.
6. Pirate takes 1 from B.
7. Take remaining 2 from C.
8. Leaves one in B....Pirate loses!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!

Contact me if you also have a winning strategy on how to beat Pearls Before Swine game.

Learn the fascinating history of NIM.

Enjoy my insightful page with literal, spiritual, and creative examples of "Pearls Before Swine" after playing the "Pearls Before Swine Game".

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Strategy to Beat Pearls Before Swine 
This is my strategy on how to beat Pearls before Swine... Take 3 from the row of 5..He will take 3 from the row of 4...Take the remaining pearls from …

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