Bidding on a Natural Pearl Necklace

Bidding on a Natural Pearl Necklace

Ron Dupuis, the auctioneer, begins the bidding for a pearl necklace at $1,800. The single strand comprises of 61 natural pearls. It’s a rare offering. Natural pearls only come up for auction every few years and this necklace, released from a Canadian safety deposit box, is more than 100 years old. It’s priced at $1,500 to $2,000.

Sayed rises from his seat. As the numbers climb, Sara (who did not want her real name used) whispers: “Wow.” Sayed finally raises his white paddle to bid $24,000.

To our right, a row of stern-looking ladies man telephones; they thrust numbered sheets of paper into the air like referees handing out penalties.

Thirty-two thousands dollars from an online bidder. Forty-four thousand dollars in the room.

“Forty-eight,” Sayed says.

“Fifty thousand on the phone,” Dupuis says. He speaks in a monotone, like a university professor reading out math equations.

“Fifty-five,” Sayed says.

“I have $60,000 on the phone, $65,000 is asking,” Dupuis says.

Sayed shakes his head. “No,” comes his gruff, defeated reply.

The bidding ends at $60,000.

Sayed curses and leaves for a glass of water. “I have to calm down.”>More about bidding on a natural pearl necklace

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