Black pearl. Of any value?

by denis

Black pearl. Of any value?

Black pearl. Of any value?

Found this black pearl while eating an oyster that came out of the Chesapeake bay. Black in Color look as almost on a pedestal.Was wondering if this was worth any money or should i just hang on to it... thanks Denis.

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Sep 19, 2016
Black pearl found in clam in mass
by: Anonymous

Found a perfectly high gloss black pearl in a clam in duxbury mass...

May 31, 2016
Most edible oyster pearls are
by: Kari

Most edible oyster pearls are worth more as keepsakes as opposed to having a high value as far as natural pearls go.

I love your pearl though. Very unusual. I'd say hang on to it and put it on display. It looks like the makings of a great story starter like why is the pearl on a pedestal?

If it had high luster, then the value might be monetary worth might be a consideration.

Thanks for sharing. All natural pearls are special and always thrilling to find!

God bless and keep eating oysters, you might find more pearls!

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