Boogie Boarding in Surfer's Paradise

At last, I found my sport!  Boogie boarding is not only fun it's easy!  Even if you're not the sporty type....give boogie boarding a try.

Finally, I found my sport on the Gold Coast, Surfer's Paradise, Australia.

I've never been the athletic type but when I discovered this great way to body surf, I knew I had "arrived".  

It was sort of cold when I was on the Gold Coast in Australia at Surfer's Paradise, so swimming days were limited, unless one had a wet suit, which I did not have at the time. (Now I do have a nice wetsuit from Norway.)  The few times I went swimming I borrowed a boogie board from the hostel and gave it a try.

Wow, I was totally amazed at how easy it was to boogie-board and feel so professional at it so quickly.  I strapped it to my wrist, so I wouldn't loose the hostel's boogie-board, walked, swam and fought my way out as far as I could over the waves, turned around, facing the shore, planted the board on the water, hung on for dear life and started kicking toward shore.

Soon a wave caught my board and I was off into wave riding heaven. Holding onto a board is doable, not like trying to balance on top of a surf board.  I would never even dare try that, but I can hang onto a board and float, so this was a no-brainer for me.

It was a blast!  I did it over and over again.  Finally, I found a sport I could actually do and enjoy.

I knew I had something going for me when I looked up to see a group of oriental tourists with their predicable cameras in hand, taking photos of me, cheering and giving me the "thumbs up". By the time I reached shore, they were all yelling and clapping. Oh, my, nobody ever got so excited before when I was involved in a sport.  I normally brought yawns, or, "Oh, my, doesn't this gal know how to hit a ball back over the net?"

Our friend who managed a hostel at Surfer's Paradise did me a great favor by inviting my son and I to visit. Our time on the Gold Coast and being offered free use of a boogie board on our way to the beach has opened up a whole new athletic world to me...I am forever grateful!

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