British Flag Flies Over Belfast North Ireland

British flag flies over Belfast North Ireland.

I've long heard tales of woes between the Irelands and never really understood it all. For that matter, maybe no one understands it all, but for sure the British flag flies over Belfast North Ireland.

Things in Belfast were quiet when I was there and I did not take the time to see the murals that now cover the walls where most of the conflicts took place.

Well, maybe I could have taken the time, but sometimes I decide to not see the things that everyone else wants to see. I guess I like to explore and discover things overlooked by the crowds.

Downtown Belfast
Downtown Belfast (Capitol in back)

A street preacher in Belfast took the time to point out the fact that the British flag is over Belfast North Ireland and since we were close to the capitol building he pointed to the actual flag as it flew.

Capitol in Belfast
Capitol in Belfast

Because the British flag flies over Belfast North Ireland, some Irishmen who would like the nation to be united under one Irish flag, have great irritation. That's pretty much the extent of my will venture no more explanation.

We Americans get so confused over all this. Folks generally think of the entire island of Ireland being a part of the UK, which, of course, it is not.

Capitol dome in Belfast
Capitol Dome in Belfast (with flag)

I did find this interesting bit of text in an old book we have in our home library (I've been trying to bring some semblance of order to this room...). The portion of text has to do with "Good Queen Bess's" (Queen Elizabeth I) treatment of the Irish.

British flag flies over Belfast
British Flag Flies Over Belfast

Whatever the solution I have good hope for Belfast. I think Christ will reign supreme there.

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