Brown pearls?!

by Kelly H.
(San Diego, CA)

I received these as a gift. The jeweler is well-known in LA, so I believe they are authentic, however, the clasp looks rather ordinary and there was no certificate with them.

They're a beautiful mix of browns, but I can't find information on brown pearls.
The necklace strand is far too short for me, so I'm trying to decide if I should keep this and perhaps have it made into a piece that I could wear. Or, maybe I should sell it to someone who would appreciate them, as is.

Can you tell from the photos the type of pearl, and an estimate of what they might be worth if I were to sell. Is there a market for this type?

I appreciate your thoughts!

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Feb 21, 2018
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

I appreciate the suggestion, thank you! I definitely am not qualified to tell if they are dyed or not and will search for a reputable jeweler (pearl specialist) in our area.

Feb 21, 2018
Difficult to tell
by: Kari

Hello Kelly,

Thanks for the photo but it is too difficult to tell what pearls they are. They actually looked like dyed cultured pearls, but again, one must see them in person and even then it's not possible to tell everything about a pearl.

Have you showed them to local jewelers? I'm sure some could help you decide if they are worth keeping or not.

Thanks again,

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