California Red Abalone Blister Pearl Pendant 6mm

(Morro Bay, California)

California red abalone blister pearl 6mm

California red abalone blister pearl 6mm

Type of pearl: Natural red abalone blister pearl

Shape: round

Size: 6.5mm

Color: green and pink

Location of Origin: California

Clasp Metal Type: 14 kt gold

Unique Features: rare coloring

Price: $594.00

Natural California red abalone blister pearls are only found in the older shells. The blister is caused by an intrusive creature that burrows in from the outside of the shell and creates the blister on the inside. My experience has been that they are found in only 1 shell in about 30 to 50 shells. I read where they are found in only 1 of a thousand. Maybe I am lucky or just ignore the shells that do not have blisters. The blisters, like us, are each unique in size shape and coloring. There does not seem to be 2 exactly alike. The coloring changes with the lighting and for me it is hard to capture with a camera the almost alive coloring. This particular one was cut to fit an existing 14 kt gold mounting that I had. I have a limited amount of these blister pearls that I have extracted from our local resource here in the Morro bay area.

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