Camel with two moors

Camel with two moors

Camel with two moors

Camel with two moors, probably Frankfurt am Main, 1700-1705. Baroque pearls, gold, cold painted, enamel, silver, diamonds, emeralds. H 12.3 cm, W 5.1 cm, depth 3.5 cm. Green Vault, VI 116. © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

On the Dromedary, whose hump is visibly formed from a large, bumpy bead, a small perched Mohr. He held the animal originally with golden reins in check. A second, also clad with a diamond-studded loincloth Mohr has settled at the foot of the tall desert animal. He heads over from the plastic to the email group painting the base front, which focuses on the preciousnesses in a larger context: A person sitting in front of a palm tree there Mohrin presents the rich treasures of their country. It is surrounded by numerous chests, from which valuable jewelery - gemstones, jewelry, silver vessels and painted porcelain - revealing flashes. The coins lying on the ground and scrolls allude to trade in the coveted exotic treasures that arrived by sea in the distant Europe. Not coincidentally holds the Mohrin in both hands the beads, their bizarre mutations of the artists associated with the body forms a dromedary. Surprisingly, only a few centimeters secures the large, decorated with fine enamel decoration suitcase on the right side of the animal three tiny gold vial. This detail Perlpretiose connects with the larger sized tortoiseshell box with camel riders (VI, 230), the two cases usable - and certainly used - pose perfume bottles. The beads dromedary proves to be a detached miniature-like execution of the purpose of such a representative treasury piece, depicting a toilet as artistically accomplished as small sculptures.

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