Cardiff Stone Animals

Cardiff stone animals...most castle have live dragons protecting them. Not so here. These guys are efficient and use stone animals who require no weekly feeding bill.

Anyone roaming around Cardiff is sure to spot these scary, yes, but also, playful, pensive, comic and certainly very realistic stone animals crouching over you as you pass by....waiting to pounce when you even have a thought of breaking in over the wall.

Quite a shock, actually, if you're alone at night for the first time on this street in Cardiff, Wales, when you suddenly hear a rustle in the trees, look up and see a panther overhead, glaring at you!

Hey, maybe these would work better than electric fences at keeping our sheep in their places!

Certainly, a highlight in Cardiff is the gorgeous not so long ago redecorated castle. Yes, a real castle! This is Wales folks, they have those things there. They'd love to recover some of the original furniture, by the way, if you happen to spot any at your local auction.

Heaters disguised as large library tables, didactic, colorful children's murals in the playroom reminding privileged castle dwelling children not to toot their own horns, mirrored ceilings and large banquet halls for rent by the public are just a sample of what you'll see on a tour....but please don't sit on anything....they hate that.

I've recently learned how to use Movie Maker....I know, all of you already know how to use that....but I'm a little technically challenged, you see. Anyway, I just had to try making a slideshow with happy music for you. Enjoy.

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